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Globalfy co-founder will lead eCommerce Institute course


Pedro Trevisan, the co-founder of Globalfy, was invited to take over as director of the E-Commerce Crossborder Program at the eCommerce Institute. The first course will start in September with classes in Spanish. This will help e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to establish their businesses in the United States.

With Globalfy’s experience, Trevisan will present international market opportunities to more Latin American entrepreneurs. “This role strengthens the mission we have built and continue to develop with Globalfy and is yet another chance to support other entrepreneurs on their path to a global business,” he says. 

The eCommerce Institute is an organization that works to spread digital commerce opportunities around Latin America with classes in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The institute promotes events, initiatives, courses, and a network of partners to contribute to the online sales market.

Globalfy co-founder will lead eCommerce Institute course

Pedro Trevisan is the new director of the E-Commerce Crossborder Program

The E-Commerce Crossborder program was developed to provide a complete learning experience about digital commerce among Latin entrepreneurs and professionals in an international market. This way, Pedro Trevisan will present processes, tools, and channels for the digital trade of goods and services in other countries.  

With the support of his partners Eva Palatinsky and Diego Sampaio, Trevisan highlights the chance to share practical cross-border operations learning from Globalfy’s work. “The opportunity to bring what we experience daily to a learning environment is a huge honor to me”. 

The intensive program classes will be held 100% remotely in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.  Spanish classes begin on September 5.

E-Commerce Program Crossborder will bring leaders as expert teachers

From logistics to legal procedures, the classes will offer a complete overview of cross-border e-commerce operations, also looking at the main channels for online sales and marketing strategies in the sector.

In addition to Trevisan, guest professors will bring the experiences of other large companies operating in the e-commerce area. The participation of leading professionals in the market provides a more thorough learning experience. 

The program is taught by experienced teachers, who live and breathe daily cross-border operations. From sales to the US and China to international means of payment, platforms, logistics, and much more. The E-Commerce Crossborder course already exists and was very well built. Now we have the responsibility to continue offering quality content”, Trevisan says. 

The course will last 4 months, totaling 180 hours of online classes. At the end of the program, students who complete 75% of the classes and the final work will receive a certificate of completion. The course is aimed at entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies, and executives looking to learn more about cross-border business solutions. 

Globalfy joins eCommerce Institute in E-Commerce Crossborder Program widnows

eCommerce Institute

For more than 15 years, the eCommerce Institute has been operating in Latin America promoting the development of the sector. Through studies, events, and partnerships, the institute promotes the growth of businesses and professionals who sell products and services through digital channels. 

The eCommerce Day events are one of the institute’s major recognitions. In more than 18 countries, the conferences encourage reflection and exchange of experiences among leaders in the E-Commerce sector

With training programs, the eCommerce Institute brings professionalization opportunities to companies, entrepreneurs, and workers in the digital sales area. Since 2005, the institute has brought together big names in the sector to present innovations and tools.

Globalfy and eCommerce Institute Partnership 

Pedro Trevisan’s performance in the E-Commerce Crossborder strengthens Globalfy’s presence in the Latin American market. Since 2015, the company has been offering services such as business formation, banking, e-commerce fulfillment, and more to international entrepreneurs in the United States. 

Trevisan sees the invitation as another endorsement of the company’s work in innovation, similar to Globalfy’s backing by Google. “We always brought innovation to cross-border. In the past, there was no one-stop shop to have your business in the US. Back then, it wasn’t easy to have the chance to access technical knowledge in your native language or the possibility to open a bank account without traveling to the US. We were innovative from day one.”

For the company, this will be a chance to share knowledge with an organization that is a global reference for its operations throughout Latin America. Therefore, Globalfy will continue working to democratize opportunities in the international marketClick here to learn more about the program!



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