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How to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan


Pakistani entrepreneurs looking to expand their business often wonder how to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan. It’s really not as difficult as it might seem. Let’s see how you can do the entire process online, without having to come to the United States.

You don’t need US residency, visa, ITIN, or social security number. Open an LLC in the United States from Pakistan only using your Pakistani ID. You can do it from anywhere in the world actually. Globalfy offers an annual all-in-one business formation plan that includes: Virtual Address, Registered Agent, EIN, and a US business bank account!

Try it now and register your own LLC in the United States from Pakistan.

What are the benefits of opening an LLC from Pakistan

If you own or want to open an e-commerce business or a tech firm from Pakistan, the United States is the best market for you to focus on. Check out all the benefits of registering your own LLC in the USA from Pakistan now:

Tech and e-commerce growth in the United States

Both the tech and the e-commerce industries are projected to surpass the trillion dollars in revenue this year for the first time.

With remote work and new technology trends capturing the global market, foreign-owned US tech companies are booming. SaaS entrepreneurs are experiencing a never-seen-before growth that is not forecast to drop any time soon.

With more than 1.8 trillion in projected sales and a 33% share of the world market, the American tech sector has become a leading industry in the country. Now and more than ever is the time for Pakistani software companies to expand to the USA and multiply their earnings.

On the other hand, the e-commerce industry has done nothing but grow since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. By the end of 2022, the US online sales sector is projected to surpass the US$1 trillion mark. With cross-border e-commerce becoming more sustainable for more entrepreneurs, it is the perfect moment for you to sell your products from Pakistan to the United States.

Low tax rates and flexible structure for LLCs

Both domestic and international entrepreneurs are often enticed by the structure of Limited Liability Companies. Now, let’s what are the best tax and management perks of opening an LLC in the USA from Pakistan:

  • Pass-through taxation: contrary to C Corporations, LLCs are not taxed on a corporate level. The company’s profit distribution passes through to members (owners) who then have to pay their taxes on an individual basis. And you can even be exempt from that if you don’t reside in the country and choose to register your LLC in states such as Delaware or Wyoming.
  • Custom management structure: you can open your LLC by yourself and run it as a sole proprietorship. And you can also include more partners and establish your own roles, voting powers, and equity percentage. It all can be established on the LLC’s Operating Agreement.
  • 100% online formation process: with Globalfy all you have to do is fill out an online form in less than five minutes to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan. The company takes care of submitting the Articles of Organization (formation document) to the state, getting your EIN approved by the IRS, your bank account, your Virtual Address, and more.

The business formation plan is only US$599 a year and Globalfy will provide you with expert guidance throughout the whole process.

woman seeing How to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan

Participate in the world’s biggest economy without leaving Pakistan

The American economy has proven to be the most friendly environment for foreign entrepreneurs in the world. The country produces more millionaires a year than any other and its profit-based tax system allows new businesses to flourish.

With Globalfy, you’ll get to enjoy the perks of this context without having to leave Pakistan. You can run your entire operation without even setting a foot in the US. You’ll attract more and better clients as your finances will be insured by the FDIC, the biggest deposit security agency in the world. Open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan now and be a part of the economic boom of the e-commerce and tech industries.

What are the requirements to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan

  • Choose your company’s name: the name of your LLC must be unique, which means you cannot register the name of another company from the same state you choose to register in.
  • Get a US address: all businesses must be registered with a physical address in the United States. If you’re looking to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan you can purchase a virtual address service for your company.
  • Hire a Registered Agent: a Registered Agent is a person or entity sanctioned by a state to inform you about your LLC’s legal and tax obligations. 
  • Get your EIN: the Employer Identification Number is the tax ID provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the US. The EIN is mandatory for businesses to operate anywhere in the United States and it has zero cost.

With Globalfy’s all-in-one business plan you get 1 year of a Registered Agent, your EIN processing, and 1 year of Virtual Address. You’ll be able to receive all of your official correspondence and get it forwarded to Pakistan. In short, all you need to do is fill out the online form and let the Globalfy team take care of the rest.

Now, let’s see what are the best option for you to form your business in the US. Check out what the more foreign-friendly states have to offer.

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What’s the best US state to form an LLC

States such as New Mexico, Florida, Wyoming, Delaware, and Texas offer plenty of advantages to foreign entrepreneurs. This is why, in case you want to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan, these are your best options.

Aside from the LLC formation fees, each state has different rates and policies when it comes to taxes. For example, the annual report or franchise tax is the fee you pay the state to renew your registration. Also, each state established its own rates for individual income rates. In the case of LLCs and contrary to C Corporations, there are no corporate income taxes to be paid.

Now, let’s compare each state’s tax rates, formation fees, and more.

FloridaDelawareTexasNew MexicoWyoming
How much does it cost to open an LLC?US$125US$90US$300US$50US$100
How long does it take?Max. 5 business days9 to 12 weeksMax. 7 business daysMax. 3 business daysLess than a day
How much are individual income taxes?NoneNone for out-of-state residentsNoneBetween 1.7% and 5.9%. Higher rates apply starting at US$210,000 in incomeNone
How much is the annual report or franchise tax?Between $138.75 and $150Minimum of $225None, however, the No Tax Due and the Public Information reports must be filed annuallyNoneMinimum of US$62. Additional fees from US$250,000 in assets
Can the LLC be anonymous?No. All business records are publicYesNo. All business records are publicYesYes

Now, that you may have your state picked out, let’s see the actual process to open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan

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How to register an LLC in the USA from Pakistan

You can open your own LLC from Pakistan, the process is 100% remote and it doesn’t involve any major paperwork. Let’s see the step-by-step:

  • Apply for the EIN. Fill out and submit Form SS-4 to the IRS via mail. With Globalfy, you don’t have to send this correspondence, the company will take care of your EIN processing.
  • Submit Articles of Organization to the state: as seen above, the fees to submit this document vary depending on the state. You might also submit the Operating Agreement to establish your LLC’s management structure (not mandatory but recommended).
  • Obtain a business license: in states such as California you need to pay the municipality for a business license (doesn’t apply for the states mentioned above)
  • Get an American business bank account: your business will need a US bank account for finance and tax purposes. With Globalfy’s all-in-one business plan, you get a US bank account 100% online.

Now, if you want to save time, money, and energy, check out Globalfy’s all-in-one business formation plan. The features include:

  • Online LLC formation
  • EIN processing. No ITIN or SSN needed
  • 1 year of Registered Agent
  • 1 year of Virtual Address (mailroom)
  • US business bank account
  • More than US$200,000 in rewards and discounts on Stripe, Google Ads, Hubspot, etc.

All you need to do is complete a 5-minute form online and we take care of the rest.

Do not miss this unique opportunity and open an LLC in the USA from Pakistan now. Participate in the world’s great economic market.



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