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Best LegalZoom Alternatives and Competitors in 2022


Starting a company in the United States is the goal for millions of entrepreneurs around the world because of the innumerable business opportunities the country can offer. That’s why companies like LegalZoom offer online US business formation for foreigners. The only problem with this option is the price. LegalZoom’s business services can go up to $2,105 a year. Let’s solve this issue by listing the top LegalZoom alternatives in the current market. Make sure to get the best online incorporation service at the best price and start your business in the United States as a non-citizen.

Keep reading if you’re interested in finding the best LegalZoom alternative and get ready to open your LLC or C Corp with the best online incorporation service. Open your US business as a non-citizen and 100% online.

1. Globalfy

Globalfy has been in business since 2015 and has helped thousands of international entrepreneurs establish their companies in the US. We offer a $599 all-in-one annual package that includes business formation, IRS submissions, Compliance Calendar, Virtual Address, and even a US bank account! It all takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is choose the state you want to incorporate in, select the corporate structure, and fill out your personal and business information.

Contrary to other LegalZoom alternative options, Globalfy uses its own platform for bank accounts and its business compliance management tool, called the Portal. From the Globalfy Portal, you’ll be able to check your letters, compliance calendar notifications, and even request additional services such as ITIN and Amendments, This is all based on the one-click solution model that also allows clients to easily manage their American businesses from abroad.

Globalfy is the only company amongst all LegalZoom alternatives that doesn’t rely on third-party providers for these features and also offers more than $200,000 in discounts and coupons to its customers.

Now, let’s see more in detail what Globalfy’s business incorporation services include:

  • 100% online US business incorporation services
  • No need to come to the US. No need for social security number or ITIN
  • EIN approval processing and Compliance Calendar (plus email notifications)
  • Free Virtual Address in the US for 1 year (Globalfy’s own Mailroom, not a third-party)
  • Free Registered Agent for 1 year
  • US business bank account (Globalfy’s own banking platform, not a third-party)
  • $500 in credits for Stripe’s card processing, $20,000 in HubSpot credits, $750 off Salesforce, $120,000 in Azure and GitHub credits, and more!
  • Customer service in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

No doubt, Globalfy offers the best online incorporation service in 2022. If you still have some questions about the online business incorporation services and the process, you can contact our customer service team anytime you wish. Open your US company today, your competitors are already closing deals in dollars. Don’t fall behind.

couple using laptop and phone with globalfy business formation page on them

2. Firstbase

Firstbase was founded in 2019 and its main goal is to assist international business founders to enter the American market. They’re headquartered in New York and have focused their operations on providing US business incorporation services and partnering with other companies to strengthen their platform. As LegalZoom alternative, they offer almost the same services at a similar price.

As of now, Firstbase features are to be purchased separately only: their business formation plan costs $399, while the Virtual Address/Mailroom is up for $385 a year and the Registered Agent goes for $99 a year. These totals $883 for the main benefits, while Globalfy’s all-in-one plan is only $599.

Nevertheless, Firstbase still has some interesting features, such as:

  • US business incorporation services for $399
  • Virtual Address/Mailroom for $385 a year
  • Registered Agent for $99 a year
  • IRS approval processing
  • 24/7 customer service

Firstbase also offers a payroll and accounting platform and a US bank account from third-party providers such as Brex and Mercury.

3. EZFrontiers

EZFrontiers is another LegalZoom alternative, as they help foreign startup founders register their companies in the US. EZFrontiers also offer other services with varying prices.

  • US business incorporation services ($599, plus state fee)
  • IRS compliance ($499)
  • State tax compliance ($149, plus state fee)
  • US business bank account (from $1899)
  • Registered Agent and Virtual Address ($199)

As of now and contrary to most LegalZoom alternatives, EZFrontiers doesn’t offer mailroom services nor rewards, or third-party platform discounts.

Best LegalZoom Alternatives and Competitors in 2022

Best LegalZoom alternatives comparison

Let’s see how the top LegalZoom alternatives and competitors in the market compare to each other.

Features Globalfy Firstbase EZFrontiers LegalZoom
Business Formation + state fee* $689 $399 $689 $419
EIN ✓ Free $159
Virtual Address with mailroom ✓ Free $385 $948
Registered Agent ✓ Free $99 $199 $299
Compliance Calendar ✓ Free. Full Basic $280
Bank Account without SSN ✓ No minimum initial deposit, no maintenance fee. Own platform Third-party $1899
Partner Rewards +$200K $200K $1,000





*Delaware LLC

More about LegalZoom alternative services

Opening a company in the US is not as difficult as it used to be. You’re now one click away from entering the world’s most profitable market.

With Globalfy’s all-in-one plan you’ll not only get unique benefits and discounts but also expert guidance from America’s #1 business incorporation services platform. Globalfy also has a Guaranteed Success, money-back policy in case there are any issues with your process.

Globalfy’s unique banking platform also allows you to easily contract foreign providers from your industry and keep your funds in a reliable currency without having to leave your home country. Other LegalZoom alternatives hardly provide banking services, let alone with their own platform. Open your US LLC or Corp today. Join the +5K international entrepreneurs who are already enjoying the perks of the American economic ecosystem with Globalfy. No other LegalZoom alternative has the prices and the quality that Globalfy offers.



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