Run your business solo, but not alone: meet Freelancer Essential

The Freelancer Essential Plan is only available for single-member LLCs (Limited Liability Company) formed in Wyoming. Users on this plan have their IRS and State Reports included.

This package is built especially for freelancers, consultants, digital marketers, software developers, gamers, sales representatives, and all other solo online service providers that don’t require a W-9, a form for suppliers located within the US territory if the supplier is an individual or legal entity.

“I received some links, attached documents and tutorials and that's it - in a couple of weeks I had my LLC.”

”Great experience so far, clear, efficient and professional customer services.”

”The team is very prepared, and the support is one of the best I've seen in this market. “



$ 999 / Billed Annually

This plan includes...



If you decide to close your business, we have you covered.


Schedule C +1040NR

If you have to hire the Schedule C (Form 1040): (reports business income or loss for sole proprietors) or Form 1040-NR (is for nonresident aliens, estates, and trusts to file a U.S. income tax return) it already indicates your company doesn’t fit into the Freelancer Essential plan, and you will need to subscribe to another package.

We will help you with the bureaucracy while you focus on your business growth. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with taxes and administrative matters in Portuguese, English, or Spanish.


US Tax-Free

With our solution, an entrepreneur can have a legal and tax entity in the US, and through our banking partners, a business bank account in the US, in USD, insured by the FDIC, and a debit card that can be used worldwide. As an LLC with only one owner (member) for the purpose of offering remote and digital services from outside the US, neither the company nor the owner has to pay taxes in the US. This means that the company is “US Tax-Free.

Key features to count on along your journey

Check out key solutions and services our all-in-one platform offers to help manage your single-member LLC:

Required to operate in any state, your Registered Agent will receive government documents on behalf of your company during business hours.
Despite being called “virtual,” it’s a real address that accepts physical mail, and is mandatory for opening your business in the US.

Easily monitor and control all government deadlines with this tool, simplifying the management of your business requirements with the state and the IRS.


100% Online: Simply fill out the online form and leave the rest to us.

We will keep you informed every step of the way as we complete the business formation process. You only need to submit basic information about you and your company. No need to involve any representatives or third-party entities. Just you and your computer.

What our clients have to say about us

Excellent team and customer service. From the beginning they addressed all our concerns and the communication was clear and effective.

Smooth process, super fast, I reached out for questions and they answered immediately. I’m super happy with the service.

It is with great satisfaction that I have been chosen as champion with agility and timely customer service, everything perfect.

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Answers ready to solve your doubts

What is the Freelancer Essential Plan?

This is the first product from Globalfy created for specific demands in a niche. It’s a bundle – or combo – of services with a flat-fee rate, delivering every freelancer, digital entrepreneur, and digital nomad needs to do business globally.

Who is the Freelancer Essential Plan for?

This product is tailor-made for digital self-entrepreneurs worldwide, mostly from emerging countries, who want to be free to do business globally without worrying about economic and/or political instabilities.

What is an LLC?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. As a single-member LLC providing services from outside the USA, you won’t be subject to US Taxation. Still, you will be required to file informative Tax Forms with the IRS (5472 + 1120 Proforma) and also file a State Report every year, both included in the Freelancer Essential package.

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How long does it take to open my business?

The deadline to open a company in Wyoming is 2 business days. It is also necessary to take into account the EIN processing time by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). This process usually takes around 25 business days for entrepreneurs who do not have an SSN or ITIN.


Who can benefit from this Freelancer Essential Plan?

1) Non-US tax residents.

2) Not a citizen from the prohibited countries nor performing restricted activities.

3) Older than 18 years old.

4) Performing services from outside the US.

5) Sole entrepreneurs, such as freelancers, consultants, digital marketers, software developers, gamers, sales representatives, and all other online service providers.

Who can’t sign up for this service?

1) A US resident or citizen.

2) A citizen from a prohibited country or performing restricted activities.

3) A company with a physical presence in the US, such as, but not limited to, employees, office, or warehouse.

4) A company in another State than Wyoming.

5) E-commerce or B2B Sellers.

6) A company with more than 1 owner.

7) People younger than 18 years old.

8) A corporation.

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