Business Virtual Address in the

United States


It is not a PO box, it's a real street address set up to receive your official correspondence.


We will receive your mail and provide a high-resolution copy for you to access it remotely.


If you prefer, we can redirect your correspondence via the post office.

Endereço virtual nos EUA

Your company needs a tax and mailing address in the US

Get your business mail online!

Save time and money with our mail scanning service by automating labor-intensive processes like sorting, opening, and scanning.

Access your mail from anywhere

Forward your mail to our secure processing facility using our virtual addresses and receive high-resolution PDFs that you can access from anywhere.

See how we can make it easier for you

We receive your mail

All your business correspondences are sent to our secure facilities and processed.

We digitize it for you

Your mail is scanned and delivered into your inbox as a high- resolution PDF.

You have control

Access your postal mail on our platform.

What you need to know

How does Globalfy's Virtual Address service work?

You get a unique address in the US. You can register your business there with the state and the IRS and open a business bank account.
We receive your business mail, can process and scan it, or forward it to any
location you request. You get online access to all the letters, notices, and correspondence.

How do I get access to the scanned mail?

Whenever new correspondence arrives, it’s scanned and made available as a PDF in our Portal, Globalfy’s own online system.
The only way to enter the Portal is by becoming a client and setting up your
login information.

Can I receive packages at my address?

We do not accept orders for your company. The Virtual Address Service aims to provide a fiscal and official address for receiving official correspondence, opening a bank account, opening a company, etc. 

Do I need to inform the state or the IRS about my new address?

If you get a new address for your business you have to inform the IRS via Form 8822. In states such as Delaware, it is not necessary to change the registration address, however, in Florida it is. Contact our customer support team for more detailed information. Nevertheless, if you purchase one of Globalfy’s plans, we’ll take care of these processes as well.

Can I use my personal address for my business?

Yes, in some states, you will not even have to inform your address.
The downside is that you will not get Globalfy’s specialized mailroom service
and your official correspondence and notices will not be readily available in our Portal.

Should my business address be the same as my Registered Agent's address?

No, your business must have its own address, although your Registered Agent has to be located in the same state.

Can I receive US debit/credit cards in another country?

Yes, Globalfy will forward you all the official correspondence and/or banking mail you request.

How can I pay for Globalfy's Virtual Address service?

Our Virtual Address service is included in all our business formation plans for new or existing companies. This service will be available for as long as you are a Globalfy client.

Is it mandatory for my business to have an address in the US?

A reliable address is essential for receiving mail from banks, vendors, and government agencies, including your EIN letter. It also helps maintain your privacy in states where Business Records are public.

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