Globalfy launches affiliate program: Refer a friend and earn $50

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Did you know you can make $50 by referring a friend to Globalfy? This is a unique opportunity for you to partner with the fastest-growing business formation company in the United States.

Learn more about Globalfy’s subscription plans and make money by referring people.

Globalfy affiliate program

What’s Globalfy’s business formation plan?

Entrepreneurs from all over the world can open their own LLCs and C Corporations in the United States with Globalfy. What do nominees need to open their companies with our plans?

  • Valid passport
  • No ITIN
  • No social security number
  • No US residency

Now, what do they get besides their company in the US?

  • Virtual Address in the US
  • Registered Agent in the US
  • EIN processing with the IRS
  • Customer support and guidance in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Over $200,000 in discounts and rewards on platforms such as Google Ads, Hubspot, QuickBooks, etc.

The services mentioned above are included in all Globalfy plans – Starter, Essential and Scale.

Does Globalfy provide any other services?

Our subscription plans include all the services described above. However, in the Essential and Scale plans, entrepreneurs can also count on other resources, such as tax support.

How does Globalfy track my referrals?

Globalfy uses the best referral software from which you can manage all of your transactions. Regarding the tracking process, each one of your referrals must use your link. Globalfy will not handle different processes by email, phone, etc. 

How do I get paid for referring people?

Once you register in Globalfy’s Affiliate program with your e-mail and name, you will have to fill out a quick form and submit it on the Affiliate platform for tax purposes, called a W9 form for US residents or a W-8BEN form for non-US residents. Afterward, you’ll input your PayPal information and get a referral link to share with your contacts. $50 is transferred to your PayPal account after 30 days of a business formation referred purchase.

How can I promote Globalfy’s business formation plan to get more referrals?

After you register, you’ll be provided with extensive promotional materials and information. However, you will not be able to advertise your referral link on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.

According to our Affiliate Program Agreement, the only way to promote the business formation plan is through the visual material we provide and under our established guidelines.

What’s the purchase process for Globalfy’s business formation plan?

Users click on your referral link and enter Globalfy’s business formation form. They have to input some personal data (such as phone number, ID, country of birth, date of birth, etc) and information about the company they want to form. The process takes less than 5 minutes and is 100% online.

Men sat in front of computer using the Globalfy's affiliate program

More about Globalfy’s Affiliate program

Click here and be a part of Globalfy’s Affiliate program. Get your referral link and start earning money by referring contacts and friends. Customers who make a purchase are the only valid medium for you to get your referral rewards. Leads or new contacts will not be rewarded.

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What you will find in this article:

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