What is a Registered Agent and how does it work

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Most US states require you to hire a Registered Agent to register your LLC or C Corporation
This figure informs you about your company’s local, state, and federal obligations and responsibilities.

So, the Registered Agent is an entity or an individual that meets the following requirements:

    • They have a physical address in the state in which the businesses they serve are registered. PO Boxes are not accepted.
    • Be or have a professional capable of receiving documents from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM.
    • Follow a compliance checklist to protect company information.
    • Be aware of state obligations and notify companies of deadlines.

Each state has its standards to sanction statutory agents.

What is it for?

Agent for service of the process serves as your company’s main point of contact with the state, so they receive official IRS correspondence, court notices, and other compliance documents on behalf of the company.

A Registered Agent sends the documents to the company’s point of contact and informs you about the annual obligations, such as the Annual Report and the Franchise Tax.

When you hire Globalfy’s Registered Agent service you get even more benefits, such as:

    • Access to our Registered Agents in all 50 states.
    • Support from our team regarding the compliance of your company in the country and state.
    • Support in Spanish, English, and Portuguese
    • Access to our Business Compliance service, where you will have access to a complete calendar with your company’s obligations.
    • Special discounts for hiring professional Income Tax Return preparation services

By using a statutory agent, you also protect your data from being made public.

Can I be my Registered Agent?

If you are a resident of the state where you will register your company, in many cases, you can act as your Registered Agent, but keep in mind that you must meet all of the requirements, and if you change your address, you must also change it with the state.

In addition, you will lose the opportunity to receive the additional services that Globalfy offers.

Similarly, if you have another LLC or Corporation already registered in the state, you cannot use it as a Registered Agent for a new one. The only way you can be your Registered Agent is as a natural person.

With Globalfy’s business formation plan, the first annual fee for the Registered Agent is free and the following annual fees are $95. Click here for more information and do not waste this unique opportunity to grow your business in the US.statutory agent

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What you will find in this article:

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