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Why is a single-member LLC in Wyoming the best option for freelancers


International contractors, freelancers, developers, gamers, and influencers often face many issues regarding two focal points: payments and access to job opportunities.

Unfavorable currency exchange rates and remote work distrust from employers and businesses are often key factors when freelancers lose out on potential deals. Though nowadays, there is a way for you to gain more legitimacy at a top-class, international level, secure direct payments in USD, and ultimately attract more businesses and clients to your services. If you open an American single-member Limited Liability Company in the state of Wyoming, you’ll be able to elevate your practice or business and directly interact with the biggest names in your industry.

1. Why a single-member LLC?

Single-member LLCs have only one owner and are considered pass-through entities since they don’t pay business income taxes in the US (neither at the federal level nor at the state level). If you’re not a US tax resident and your single-member LLC is only engaged in digital business from outside the US, you won’t have to worry about individual taxes either. This is what makes the Global Sole Entrepreneur package a US tax-free plan.

PS: Globalfy’s Global Sole Entrepreneur package also includes the single-member profit distribution tax processes.

2. Why Wyoming?

Although LLCs do not have to pay income taxes, the tax still applies at an individual level. States such as California or New Jersey charge more than 8% in state taxes to entrepreneurs who register their companies there. While Wyoming is one of the few US states that does not charge income taxes, it also has one of the lowest renewal tax rates in the country, US$60 when Delaware is US$300 and California goes up to US$800 (included in Globalfy’s Global Sole Entrepreneur package, no need to pay extra).

freelancer opening a single-member LLC in Wyoming with Globalfy to improve her financials and career opportunities

3. How does having an American entity benefit international freelancers?

According to reports from Wells Fargo and CompTIA, American companies are the most profitable entities worldwide. Additionally, the different business laws and regulations in the US make American LLCs more appealing to international companies. This way, you’d be able to secure more and better deals while offering your services to big global companies.

Having a physical presence in the US will add more to your legitimacy on the global scene, plus the possibility of getting official mail on American soil. Now, the tech industry, for example, will reach the 1.8 trillion-dollar mark in revenue at the end of the year. Get your Global Sole Entrepreneur package and be a part of this booming market.

4. What else does Globalfy’s Global Sole Entrepreneur package include?

When contracting Globalfy’s Global Sole Entrepreneur package you’d be getting a full-American, FDIC-insured business bank account. Contrary to other US banking institutions, this bank account comes with no maintenance fees, no initial deposit requirement, and no domestic transfer fees. You’d be able to avoid unfavorable currency conversion rates and government fees.

The package is an annual flat fee, you won’t have to worry about registration or renewal fees and taxes. Everything is included, even the company dissolution. You’ll get customer service in Spanish, Portuguese, and English and an annual 30-minute call with our experts to discuss business and tax-related matters.

Do business globally and earn in USD without limitations. Our team of experts, with more than 7 years of experience will take care of all your processes. Start your Global Sole Entrepreneur journey now!



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