What is the best freelancer bank account in 2023? Best bank account for self-employed freelancers

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Being a freelancer means having the opportunity to work on multiple projects, acquire different experiences, and learn about different cultures all at the same time. The best part is being able to work with companies outside your country and get paid in strong and reliable currencies. However, for you to achieve all this, you need to open a freelancer bank account that allows you to collect and store US dollars without much paperwork and with reliable security systems.

You need to find the best bank account for self-employed freelancers in 2023 to really expand your freelancing career. Only this way you can save and invest in the strongest and most widely used currency in the world. Find financial stability and increase the scope of your work as a freelancer by reaching more and better projects.


Why open a company in the US with Globalfy?

Maybe you are wondering… Why are we taking about opening a company, when you want a bank account? Simple! If you want a bussiness account, you will need the business first, to be able to have all the paperwork needed. And, Globalfy is the best option to open a company in the US market!

Globalfy was founded in 2015 in Orlando, Florida, by Latin American entrepreneurs with the vision of ​​bringing the benefits of the US economy to business founders and freelancers from around the world.

Opening a company in the United States as a foreign freelancer is not that complicated. You do not need a social security number, ITIN, or an American visa. You can do it all online and without leaving home. Once you have your company established, you can open your business bank account in any bank authorized for foreigners. The only thing you have to do to open your company in the US with us is purchase one of Globalfy’s business formation plans.

Why register a company in the US for your career as a freelancer?

By going with one of Globalfy’s business formation plans you’ll be able to get ahead of your competition and fully enter the American labor market. Not only will you be getting a company, but you will have the legitimacy of an elite professional before all the big American companies. Your reputation in the market will grow as you gain access to high-end projects with world-renowned brands and companies.

With Globalfy’s business plans you will get the chance to have a business back account with available banking providers, and the unique possibility to expand your work experience. Who knows? Perhaps by participating in global-scale projects you’ll gain the momentum to start and scale your own business. With Globalfy you’re one click away from being number one in your industry.

How to open a freelancer bank account in the US?

In order to enjoy a business bank account in US market, you will need to consider that your banking provider don’t charge you an initial fee or monthly fee. The opening of your business bank account should be completely free. You should also be able to open an account from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you have American residence or not.

Now, for the opening process, we recommend you to search for different banking providers that can serve you, according to your specific needs. Once you have mapped them, make a comparison.
When you find the best provider, it is time to make your application and send the corresponding paperwork.

You will most likely have to submit the following documents: a photo of your passport and a utility bill to prove your address (it can be from any country). If you’re an American resident you will also have to present your social security number or ITIN. The EIN of your american company.

Enterpreneur using a freelancer bank account

Here are some options of banking providers that may be useful to you:


Wise is a UK-based digital banking platform that focuses on bringing the big financial markets closer to freelancers and small entrepreneurs around the world.

In most cases, to open a freelancer bank account with Wise you just have to present your personal documentation and validate your identity. This way you will be able to open accounts in dozens of different currencies and most importantly, you will be able to obtain a bank account in dollars. Wise’s transaction fees are quite low and even nil on many occasions.

The only drawback is that to activate your Wise account you will need to make an initial deposit which varies depending on the country. In most countries, the deposit must be made by credit card. But not just any card. Cards issued in countries such as Argentina or Colombia are not allowed by the platform, so users residing in these places find it very difficult to acquire their Wise freelancer bank account.


Payoneer is a bank for freelancers and small businesses founded in Israel in 2005. Opening a freelancer bank account in dollars with Payoneer is relatively easy, you just need to provide some personal information and wait for a short validation period.

By opening a USD freelancer bank account with Payoneer you will have access to your account and routing number, with which you’ll be able to send and receive money from other US banks.

Similarly, Payoneer also offers a Mastercard business debit card that can be used at millions of businesses around the world. You can also associate a traditional bank account to withdraw your USD balance in your local currency (based on the official exchange rate).

Despite these and other great advantages, Payoneer still has some drawbacks for international freelancers. In order to make withdrawals or send money to other Payoneer or bank accounts, you will need to reach a certain amount in your balance. In some countries, this amount can reach up to US$1,000.

Similarly, fees for bank transfers to Payoneer can go between 1% and 3%, while there’s also an annual account maintenance fee of US$29.

woman working from home and using her freelancer bank account

More information on the best bank account for self-employed freelancers in 2023

Thanks to the alliance that Globalfy has with Mercury, if you open your company with us, and choose them as your banking services provider, you will be able to have all your financial information just a click away from our platform, thanks to our integration.

Take advantage of new financial opportunities and expand your freelance career to reach new industries and better clients!

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