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How to open a US bank account online as a foreigner for free


Opening an American bank account used to be a faraway dream for many foreign entrepreneurs. Now, we have many alternative banking platforms providing this exact service for free for millions of people around the world. Yes, getting an American bank account is not an impossible task anymore. You can open a US bank account online without setting a foot in the country. No American visa or social security number is required.

So to answer the question “can a foreigner open a bank account in the US for free?”. Yes, online banking platforms like Globalfy let you open American business bank accounts from abroad with zero cost. You can get a US bank account for non-residents in less than 24 hours. If you’re a foreigner owning a US company or a freelancer trying to receive payments in US dollars, this is your chance. Keep reading and see how to open a US bank account online as a foreigner in a few steps.

But first, what are the benefits of an online US bank account?

As a non-American freelancer or business owner, it’s a huge privilege to have full access to the American economic ecosystem. Once you open a US bank account online from abroad, you set yourself or your business aside from your immediate competitors. With a bank account in US dollars, you’ll be able to trade with the most qualified providers and clients in the world.

Trade globally in US dollars 💸

After you open a US bank account online and because of platforms like SWIFT and VisaNet, you’ll be able to use physical or virtual debit cards to pay for almost any service or subscription you might need. For example, Globalfy Visa debit cards carry no fees to the users and can be swiped in more than 50 million businesses around the world.

Enter the biggest marketplaces and acquire the best products and services for your daily operations. You won’t even have to leave your home. Open a US bank account online and use your balance anywhere in the world.

Be a part of a high-reputation banking system 🔑

American banking platforms are much more trusted by international institutions, agencies, and businesses. US banks and neobanks’ high reputation enables them to be quicker and more efficient while processing transactions. This means that if you open a US bank account online, you won’t have to worry about delays in payments or deposits.

Your direct providers will also be more trusting of your business as you’ll get more access to online subscription services.

Avoid interchange fees ☔

A US bank account for non-residents means access to the strongest currency in the world. The US dollar is accepted in almost every country on the planet while virtually carrying no exchange rate fees.

Business owners and freelancers who look for traditional banks and pose the question “can a foreigner open a bank account in the US?” are aware of these benefits. Enjoy the perks of global banking solutions like Globalfy and open your US bank account online from your home country.

different currencies after opening US bank account online as a foreigner

So can a foreigner open a bank account in the US?

Yes! With Globalfy foreign business owners can open a US bank account online for their American company. You don’t need to come to the United States, let alone leave your home. You can do the entire process online and get a physical and a virtual Visa debit card for your business or your freelancing activities.

You don’t need to have social security number or ITIN to enjoy the perks of an FDIC-insured banking service. So now, let’s see how you can start the process to get a US bank account for non-residents online.

What documentation do I need to open a US bank account online?

If you’re a foreign business owner trying to open a corporate account, here are the requirements you need to provide:

  • US State Registration Document and Number
  • EIN or fax confirmation from the IRS
  • US commercial address
  • Valid passport or American Driver’s License
  • If US resident, ITIN or SSN
  • Utility Bill from the last 6 months (can be from any country)
  • No initial deposit or minimum initial balance

Now, do not worry if you haven’t opened your company in the United States yet or are a freelancer trying to get an American bank account to receive payments in dollars. Here’s what you need to do open a US bank account online with Globalfy.

With this documentation, both companies and individual freelancers can apply for an American bank account with Globalfy.

drivers license to open US bank account online as a foreigner

How long does it take for my US bank account to be approved?

It normally takes less than 24 hours during working days for bank account applications to be approved by Globalfy. The only way for the process to be delayed is if one of the documents provided has any issues. In this case, customer service will get in touch with you in a manner of hours to let you know about the delay. You’d also be asked to provide updated info for the issue to be solved as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, Globalfy’s customers regularly get access to their online bank accounts less than a day after applying.

What is the difference between Globalfy and traditional banks?

Just like most fintechs or neobanks, Globalfy operates on a global level, providing banking services to customers all around the world. The main difference between online banking vs. traditional banking is that virtual banks are much more dynamic when offering solutions to the users.

The robust physical infrastructure of traditional banks can also be a liability when it comes to providing fast answers to the public. Globalfy allows you to open a US bank account online without having to visit any physical branch or contact any rep. Alternative banking platforms are also built for customers to get an all-in-one experience. So instead of going through different apps and platforms for each banking product, Globalfy provides a one-click solution for you to manage your money.

man waiting for approval after opening US bank account online with Globalfy

Open a US bank account online as a foreigner now

Globalfy’s services are available all over the world. Get your business bank account in USD now and enjoy the perks of the American financial network.

No social security number or ITIN is required for you to get an FDIC-insured bank account in USD. Apply now and get your bank account in 24 hours!



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