How to sell on marketplaces in the US – Get to know B.O.B’s case in the American Market

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Understand how the Brazilian vegan and sustainable cosmetic bars company expanded internationally, in 2022, by starting to sell on marketplaces in the USA. B.O.B has made around US$2 million since then.  

E-commerce is one of Globalfy’s areas of expertise. The beauty segment stands out within the sector, especially in the United States, driven by online sales.

According to McKinsey research, “e-commerce of beauty products almost quadrupled between 2015 and 2022, and its share already exceeds 20%, with substantial room for growth ahead.” Also according to the study, this expansion is due to a greater offer of products in this category online, especially on Amazon, a large marketplace in the USA.

B.O.B products are being sold in marketplaces in the US

B.O.B: How to sell on marketplaces in the US and be successful

B.O.B – Bar Over Bottles, one of Globalfy’s clients, expanded to the international market via Amazon. Their journey is an example that to find success you need to stay connected to your purposes, be faithful to your brand DNA, and prepare thoroughly before embarking on a challenge, such as selling on marketplaces in the USA. The clean beauty company began this journey in 2022 and has already earned around US$2 million.

B.O.B produces solid cosmetics with no water in their composition and zero plastic in their packaging.

Below, check out the highlights of our conversation with Marcele Martins, partner, and head of Marketing at the company. We got to talk about their international project, how Amazon integrates their digital strategy, and how they used social networks as a showcase, among other important topics for those who have or want to have an online business abroad and sell on marketplaces in the USA.

Globalfy: What does it take to be successful in the international market, in addition to preparing yourself before taking on the challenge?
Marcele Martins (B.O.B.): The important thing is that we find the right partners. Globalfy was a game changer because we were just on Amazon and we wanted to deliver a personalized experience for consumers in the USA, just like we have in Brazil. With Globalfy, in addition to other hired services, we were able to customize exactly what we wanted, which is plastic-free packaging, even with paper adhesive tape.

The B.O.B packaging was an important factor to sell on marketplaces in the US

Globalfy: How important is delivery for the operation?
Marcele: I believe the customer buys the experience. Because the way the product arrives, especially when you buy online, has a huge impact on how the consumer sees the brand, and it’s even more important in the sustainable beauty market.

For B.O.B, delivering a sustainable and desirable experience is at the brand’s core. We work to make sustainability something desirable, and that consumers want to have a beautiful and minimalist bathroom, in addition to helping the planet. 

The essence of the brand: The key to stand out and sell on marketplaces in the USA

Globalfy: How important to your success was to maintain the essence of the brand?
Marcele: I believe our essence is what sets us apart, yes. We export the brand the same way, always aiming to have a high performance in quality for natural, vegan and plastic-free products. This will always be our core. Everything we launch and everything we do is based on this.

But there is another point here. B.O.B is a Digital Native Vertical Brand (DNVB). We were born digital and this is our core. Therefore, we are mindful every day to stay within our expertise. Exporting our products to the United States also came as an online opportunity. 

Globalfy: Was the United States the first country you thought of?
Marcele: Yes, and we did market research beforehand. Today, when we look at the beauty segment, the United States is one of the largest markets and we saw the opportunity.

Amazon: the main gateway for international businesses looking to sell on marketplaces

Globalfy: What was Amazon’s role in expanding to the US?
Amazon helps, for sure, because it opens doors to the American market where attracting a consumer to your website is very expensive. Through Amazon, we were able to create a successful case in a very practical way. When American consumers look for a product, 66% of searches are made within Amazon.

It’s a good way to start, but I don’t think it’s the only way. I think you have to add to it. That’s why it was important to us to have our own website. It cannot be the only way, but learning how to sell on marketplaces is a strong gateway.

Globalfy: What do you consider to be Amazon’s biggest benefit?
Amazon’s biggest advantage is its CAC [Customer Acquisition Cost].
It’s much smaller when comparing it to attracting new customers to your website, for example. Furthermore, Amazon’s logistical reach is huge. For a medium-sized brand, without their support, we wouldn’t be able to reach such a high number of deliveries in so many cities so quickly in the first year of operation.

Marcele Martins – partner and head of Marketing


When American consumers search for a product, 66% of searches are made within Amazon.

The pandemic and online sales

Globalfy: How has the pandemic impacted your business?
During the pandemic, there was a boom. Everyone was online, we were part of this moment with the right products and the sustainability discourse. Because people were at home, they saw how much trash they produced and became more aware. Post-pandemic, we faced the challenge of diversifying our revenue streams while keeping our focus on our online expertise.

Social networks and online sales in the USA

Globalfy: What is the role of social networks in your business?
Marcele: Instagram’s role today in the United States is more like a brand showcase. The person will find the brand, they will know what it is, they will understand the appearance and aspiration of B.O.B. So, it has a super important role.

Black Friday: the biggest date for online sales

Globalfy: How do you prepare for Black Friday?
Marcele: Firstly, we understand what our priority products are (best sellers + best margin) and with that, we design our commercial conditions (the most aggressive of the year) and based on this planning we send stocks to the USA. Both for Globalfy (to support our own website) and for Amazon. Furthermore, we prepare the communication of these discounts through our website (banners, Instagram, and newsletter). 

Beyond the opportunities to sell on marketplaces in the USA

B.O.B is also expanding to Europe, starting with Germany, where the niche for sustainable cosmetics is very promising. In both the European and American markets, beauty products must follow local guidelines and regulations to be sold.Just as in their case, Globalfy is ready to support your international journey in a fast, simple, and secure way.

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