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The US tech market stands out as the largest in the world, forecast to reach US$1.8 trillion by 2022. Because of this, the ecosystem’s opportunities attract entrepreneurs from around the world to start a tech company in the US.

The Brazilian company Configr relied on Globalfy to expand its operations to the United States in 2020. They bet on hosting and management services for websites and emails on a cloud server to reach the US market.

Learn about the company’s history and opportunities in the US technology market below.

Configr entrepreneurs after starting a tech company in the US

How did Configr start their path in the US?

Configr had been in the Brazilian market for five years. After that, they decided to take the next step and start a global journey.

Arthur Furlan, CEO & Co-founder of Configr, said “we have always known that our product is easy to internationalize as it has a high acceptance anywhere in the world”. 

Organically, Configr started to have American customers. Then, they realized the importance of going international to meet their demands in the best possible way. “Some customers popped up in the USA, we saw this opportunity and decided to create a new business unit directly there, thinking about this expansion”, adds Arthur. 

The journey of starting a tech company in the USA

The process of opening a company in the United States was not difficult for Configr. “We were able to count on the support of specialized partners who helped us take care of everything remotely. If we didn’t have it, it would be a challenge. After all, American legislation is a topic that we don’t master”, says Arthur.

Read here the step by step to open your company in the USA.

As for the operation in the US, Configr chose to navigate the American market and then invest in the acquisition of new customers “We have a portfolio of customers in the US, as we understand this new market, we will expand our areas of service and acquisition of new customers in the country”, he adds. 

For Arthur, having support for managing bureaucratic issues while starting a tech company in the USA opens space for entrepreneurs to dedicate time to the administration and growth of this new business unit: “We were able to structure these steps after the incorporation. Think about positioning, service, and product validation, in addition to understanding the market and the strategic issue. So, we can focus on that and leave the bureaucratic and fiscal part to someone who understands more about it”. 

Since the beginning, Configr focused on its business strategies and left the bookkeeping matters to Globalfy’s specialists.

Get to know the US tech market

Despite the slow pace of the global economy, the US technology market is proving to be stable. With the coronavirus pandemic in recent years, we have seen changes in the needs of businesses and consumers in this industry.

With the largest market in the world, global entrepreneurs have great opportunities to start a tech company in the US.

Tips for starting your tech company in the USA

It is normal for entrepreneurs to have doubts when taking a step like opening a company in another country. However, Arthur says that, in addition to understanding the market for technology companies in the US and seeking to validate the product, a very important tip is to look for suppliers that can add to the business

“Here at Configr, we have a culture of team strengthening. So we bet a lot on people and like to surround ourselves with competent ones. When evaluating suppliers, we also look for those that have the expertise to add to our business. When choosing a partner to take a big step, like internationalization, it is also necessary to look at that”.

Some Globalfy clients are charging their customers in Latin America from the US company. So they don’t need to have another entity for each Latin American country. Same in Europe and Asia.  

To take this step, Configr had Globalfy’s support.

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