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Business formation documents are crucial if you are opening a company in the United States. However, paperwork is one of the issues that can overwhelm you the most, especially when it is not written in your native language.

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Overcome the language barrier

The advantage is that with Globalfy, you will have specialized attention in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Then, you will always find a solution to all your doubts to fill the bussiness formation documents properly.

Along with our plans, we provide bussines formation documentation templates essential for your operation in the United States. To illustrate the topic, refer to the list below to see the documents you are going to need.

Business formation documents for an LLC

Here, you will find a list needed to open your LLC:

LLC Articles of Formation/Certificate of Organization: it confirms the company’s registration in the state.

EIN – Employer Identification Number: an official document processed by the IRS with your Federal Tax Identification Number.

Operating Agreement: internal document of company without a registration in the state as it lists the rights and duties of each party, as well as the operating guidelines.

Bank Resolution: some banks require this document because it contains the partners who can make decisions.

Business formation documents for C-Corps

Woman filling out the necessary documents to open her corporation in the united states.

Instead of opening an LLC, it is better for your company to start a corporation, you should consider the following business formation documents

Articles of Incorporation/Certificate of Incorporation: this document confirms the company’s registration whitin the state. 

EIN – Employer Identification Number: an official document processed by the IRS with your Federal Tax Identification Number. 

Bylaws: the equivalent to the operating agreement, with listed guidelines.

Minutes of Organizational Meeting: company’s initial meeting minute that determines the board (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer).

Stock Ledger: a company’s stock ledger. 

Stock Certificate: it is the certificate of ownership of the shares.

Globalfy can guide you through your global journey by accessing the US market from anywhere with our fast setup. Thus, you don´t have to worry about your business formation documents, we got you cover! Finally, choose the plan that best suits your needs and start a new global adventure.

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